A Quick Guide To Creating And Checking Artwork For Printing


The little snippets in this guide will not teach you how to be a good designer or how do be an efficient Computer operator. What they will do is highlight the fact that 85% of all reprints are due to artwork errors.


Most jobs are ganged up on large sheets with an automated Imposition program. These Imposed sheets are then Ripped and a color plotter proof is output. This proof is purely as a quick check for Imposition and Backing Up. We do not check each individual image/job for content or spelling. The supplied PDF artwork must be supplied correctly the first time. However, we won't disregard problems if they are spotted. If we do spot a problem we will attempt to make the correction. On some occasions this may be possible.





There are no hard and fast rules regarding the creation of artwork. Use what tools you are comfortable with, but please take the time to learn new software and ask yourself which program works better for the task ahead.


We work with the software package Adobe CS Suite featuring programs such as PageMaker, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. Adobe created the postscript language and the PDF file format, therefore it makes sense that as a group who relies on PDF compatibility we should back the Adobe offering.


Other software packages your likely to come across are: 




Quark Express



Macromedia Freehand 

Corel DRAW 

Microsoft Office



Fonts must be supplied, embedded or outlined in artwork to ensure that they print correctly. A common problem with supplied artwork is when fonts are not packaged correctly, and if not rectified these will drop out of the printing. If you supply a PDF to a us, please embed the fonts.